/500 - Bob Dob
Where Crows Die


Sold Out

Board Overview
  • - 32.5” Long x 9” Wide
  • - 15” Wheel Base
  • - Wheel Size 62MM 78A
  • - 7ply Maple Construction
  • - 160MM Slant  Trucks
  • - Bushings 90A
  • - .50” Riser Pads
  • - Abec 5  Bearings


About The Board: The “Where Crows Die” model pays tribute to the classic old school shape when wheels were big, boards were wide and we were young.

Custom Hang-Tag: Every board comes with a custom hand-printed, numbered hang-tag, produced on a 2,700 lb. vintage 1915 Chandler & Price Craftsman press; creating a certificate of authenticity for each skateboard.

About The Artist: Bob Dob was born and raised in Hermosa Beach California. After his child hood dream of becoming a pro baseball player was taken from him due to a battle with cancer he gravitated towards music and art. 

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